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Your digital companion to Sustainable supply chain orchestration

unlearning for a better tomorrow

Do you ever think about the impact you make as a supply chain leader?

You play a critical role as a catalyst and as a leader to shape a better tomorrow.

Deborah Dull and Douglas Kent invite you to 'UNLEARN' the status quo and discover the all-around importance of fostering sustainable practices in your organization.

Through a transformative framework called 'UNLEARN', you'll learn how to:

  • Unify Around "The Why"
  • Navigate the Sustainability Universe
  • Liberate from the Status Quo
  • Evolve the Supply Chain
  • Amplify the Story
  • Ramp up Learnings and Change
  • Nurture the New Approach

Grounded in supply chain principles, this book is a paradigm-shifting invitation for actual, tangible change. Packed with compelling real-world case studies, it equips you with the mindset, strategies, and community to orchestrate a more sustainable supply chain.

Are you ready to UNLEARN the way you think about supply chains and unlock new possibilities for your organization and the world?

Start your sustainable supply chain orchestration journey by unlearning for a better tomorrow.

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Driving Purpose from Sustainability Leaders

“This book is a critical resource in how companies can successfully execute their critical role to orchestrate and collaborate with suppliers in innovative partnerships to recycle, reuse and reduce waste while connecting closed-loop material flows.”

– Roger Martella
Chief Sustainability Officer
GE Vernova

“Accomplishing our Sustainability & Social Impact Actions and Targets will only be achieved through strong cross-functional partnerships and collaboration.”

– Ann Tracy
Chief Sustainability Officer Colgate-Palmolive

“Just as our technology creates a positive impact, it is equally important that we drive sustainability throughout the manufacturing value chain to benefit our customers and the world.”

– Frank Sanders
Corporate Vice President

Real supply chain examples including:

Deborah Dull is a dynamic leader and innovative thinker with nearly two decades of experience driving positive change across diverse industries. As the founder of the Circular Supply Chain Network, author of "Circular Supply Chains: 17 Common Questions," and supply chain roles across various industries, Deborah is a respected voice in the industry.

With a boundless curiosity and a gift for translating complex concepts into accessible insights, Deborah has inspired thousands worldwide through her dynamic keynotes and transformative workshops. She is passionate about reshaping the global landscape toward a more sustainable tomorrow through the lens of supply chain.

She holds degrees in Supply Chain & Operations Management from Western Washington University (BA) and the University of Liverpool (MSc), with a thesis focused on SCOR and the digital supply chain. Deborah is currently pursuing her doctorate, further cementing her commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in supply chain.

Douglas Kent is a trailblazer in the world of supply chain management, boasting nearly four decades of hands-on experience as a transformational leader and trusted advisor to numerous multi-national organizations. With a remarkable career dedicated to revolutionizing complex supply chains across diverse industry sectors, his impact is truly global, having completed transformation projects in more than 40 countries to date.

As a SCOR-certified master instructor, Douglas has traversed the globe, leading education and transformational programs. His expertise extends to co-leading Supply Chain Planning Centers of Excellence, where he developed solutions for sales & operations planning (S&OP) and integrated business planning challenges.

Beyond boardrooms, Douglas is a true industry luminary, delivering captivating keynotes, leading immersive workshops driving supply chain transformational improvement, and spearheading educational initiatives that inspire sustainable change. Douglas's passion for driving impactful change and his unwavering dedication to excellence make him a pivotal force in reshaping the future sustainable supply chain landscape.